South London Special League

Registered Charity Number 1124629

Adults Football League

All Adult League events take place on Thursdays each month at Long Lane JFC, Dursley Road SE3. All divisions play on the same day.

Thursday 17th Sept – ‘Kick Off Festival’ @ The London Marathon Playing Fields (LMPF)

League / Event Dates 2015/16

Thursday 22nd October – Long Lane JFC (LLJFC)

Thursday 19th November – LLJFC

Thursday 10th December – LLJFC

Thursday 14th January – LLJFC

Thursday 25th February – LLJFC

Thursday 17th March – LLJFC

Thursday 21st April – LLJFC

Thursday 19th May – LLJFC

Thursday 16th June – LLJFC

League of their Own



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