South London Special League

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Jack Petchey Awards


Jack Petchey Achievement Award Winners for November 2018

Above. Daniel Windham

Daniel, 15, was a keen member of the sport and leisure class last year. He lives for football. He is a keen Charlton fan who sees the team play when he can and keeps up with as much football as he can fit in. He was a member of the B league winning U16 team from last year and is attending again with his new construction class.

Jack Petchey winner for October 2018

Above. Sianna Robinson with referee, Albert Powell, ‘B’ to his friends.

Sianna is 12. She is a keen and enthusiastic sports girl! She will give 100 per cent to anything she is doing and will be representing the U16 Woodside girls team this year.

Above: Chloe Vince 13 years old and Jessica Daniels 12 years old

Chloe Vince and Jessica Daniels are the recipients of the Jack Petchey Achievement Award for South London Terriers: January-June 2018


Above: Plumstead Manor team

Also receiving the award are Plumstead Manor team who represented Royal Greenwich at London Youth Games.


Above. Julius Tommy, aged 17. Recipient of the Jack Petchey Award for April 2018

Julius is a wonderful addition to the Priory team. He is a great communicator and loves supporting the others. He is wherever he is needed, and a great advocate of fair play!


Above. Barrington receiving his Jack Petchey Achiever award for March 2018.

Barrington Howden was a Jack Petchey Achiever for March 2018. He plays in the Under 14 team from Conisborough College.

He has received this award for his outstanding contribution to the team and his commitment to upholding high standards. He demonstrates leadership and resilience as he has been through a lot lately but is a real credit to the School.


Above. Brandon Williams, part of Brent-Knoll Under 14 team. Recipient of the Jack Petchey Achievement Award for February 2018.

Brandon is 13 years old and is a great player who leads the team to success. He is a prolific goal-scorer. Brandon always supports the younger and less able members of the team.


Above. Tyrese is 13 years old and goes to Drumbeat school. He is the recipient of the Jack Petchey Achievement Award for January 2018

Tyrese joined Football club at Drumbeat school in January 17. Since then Tyrese has improved massively by showing great commitment and hard work during the weekly training sessions at school. Tyrese has always showed great leadership, and great support with his team mates and opponent during training and matches at different football tournaments. During the weekly football session in school Tyrese is ready to offer guidance and support especially for the students from Primary that they recently joined the team.

Also at matches Tyrese always demonstrated to be a great sportsmanship. Being friendly and respectful with other team and graciousness in winning or losing.

I believe for those different reason that Tyrese is a great candidate for the Jack Petchey award January 2018.


Above. Our Jack Petchey Achiever this month, November is Thai Tran.

He is hugely enthusiastic and makes his way every week without fail with his mother to our tennis sessions. They live near London Bridge and hey use  public transport  He is a skillful player and is always happy.

This is a photo of Thai and our assistant coach, Wayne Blake, who helps to make a huge difference.

Above. The players that attend the club
Below. Mitchell Double from Ian Mikardo  (14 years old)

Mitchell is a great example of Fair Play, always helpful and does not mind where he plays.  Supports his team mates

Below.  Louis Borrouff (13 years old) from Conisborough College

A good team organiser. Responsible Captain and role model to other players.  He is also their top scorer!

Tuesday 25th July

We held our annual Summer Party and Achievement Awards evening at Long Lane JFC.

Mayor of Royal Greenwich, Councillor Brooks presented Jack Petchey Achievement Award medals to…

Adam Huggett huge incrase in confidence after joining Greenwich Powerchair FC

Stacey Newberry has worked hard and become a valuable member of her team, Millwall Lionhearts

Dominic Kilty has worked hard to be part of his team: Millwall Lionhearts

Twin brother of Dominic,  Stephen has also experienced great success as part of the team this year

George Harknett

George is a pupil at Brent Knoll School. George loves attending the Special League football and it has had a marked impact on George. George has gained a great deal of confidence since he started playing and has become much more of a team player, not only on the pitch but in the classroom as well. He is always keen to help his class and teammates with any problems. His class and team mates really appreciate George as he is always there for them.

Aaliyah Allen

Aaliyah, 12, from Elm Court School in Brixton struggles to stay focused in day to day life. Attending the special league has helped her focus as the league has helped her work on her discipline and stay focused on tasks. She has become more aware of her school mates and team mates and has developed into a real team player. It has helped her with focusing on her school work. She absolutely loves attending the special league football and being part of has made a real positive impact on her life.

Cosmin LIvadaru, Priory School – 2nd February.

Since joining the Priory school football team he has worked hard to improve his football skills and has become a very courageous goalie.

Marshall Dennis, Priory School – 2nd February.

He makes a real effort to keep up with the game on the pitch, and learnt some basic football rules and has become an important member of the U13’s priory school football team scoring lots of their goals.

Lennie Bunn, Foxfield Primary School – 7th March

Lennie is an all-round good sportsman and team player. He always gives 100% effort at every football match. At the end of each match, regardless of the outcome he is always the first player to go and shake hands with the players from the other team, while doing this he will also congratulate them or give them praise for their efforts-well done, good match, good goal/save etc. He will then encourage his own team mates to do the same. Lennie always applies our school values when he attends football –effort, kindness, collaboration, respect, friendship, kindness, forgiveness.

Earl Kimboa, Foxfield Primary School – 7th March

Earl always gives 100% effort in every football match he attends and always encourages his team mates to do the same. Earl is fantastic at motivating his team even if they become disheartened or upset at the outcome of a match. Earl is fantastic at listening to his team mates when they become upset or frustrated even though he finds this difficult. If Earl feels his team mates are displaying negative behaviour he will always talk to them about this. Earl will also take time to help the younger player.

Adam Huggett, a Jack Petchey Award Winner

Adam is a 12 year old boy who started attending training sessions at Greenwich Powerchair Football Club in April 2016. He suffers from a physical disability called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy as well as Autism, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and Oppositional defiant disorder. 

Now Adam is feeling that he finally belongs somewhere, valued and part of a team.  On asked what being a part of Greenwich Powerchair Football Club means to him, he replied ‘I enjoy wheelchair football as I feel part of a team. I have gained confidence and a lot more independence since starting and have made friends. I would definitely recommend anyone to try wheelchair football, it is a lot of fun.’

Above: Adam with his mother and sister.

Above: Adam with the Leader of Royal Greenwich, Councillor Denise Hyland

Above: Adam, Denise Hyland with the players from Greenwich PFC, Denise Hyland,  as well as helpers and staff, Sharon Brokenshire MBE, Jonathan Dixon (director), Rhea Daly (coach), Joe Sheehan (Coach)


Above: Adam and Alfie

Above: The Leader of Royal Greenwich, Councillor Denise showing off her skill joining in with the young players!

Billy Rae


Billy Rae from Elm Court School has been selected for a JPF Achievement Award. He has worked hard at school to gain a place in the team and has been a real credit playing footballTo Elm Court as a representative of the school.

Matthew Foxwell

Well done to Matthew Foxwell for winning the Jack Petchey Leadership Award which was very important.  He has worked as a volunteer for about 2 years and has been a huge asset to the SLSL football league. His small grant for achieving this from JPF worth £750 was put towards paying for our Summer Fun Festival last summer.

Aaron Cloke. A Real Asset to the Club!

Aaron Cloke is our Jack Petchey Achievement award winner this month. Aaron came as a volunteer to help with Greenwich Powerchair Football club. He has recently had his 25th birthday. Aaron is keen and enthusiasttic, helping to enable our players.


One Game One Community Festival

Tre is a wonderful young man from Glebe Post 16 unit, Bromley.  He always inspires his team to do their best. He played football  ‘Like Batman and Superman together’ (his quote). His team have a fantastic new kit and we are just awaiting the have the JPF logo on it, Photo to follow next month… He helped his team to become the SLSL Fairplay team of the year 2014-5.

Tre Cameron Chevannes from Glebe Post 16. Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner September 2015


On Thursday 22nd October 2015 we held our annual One Game One /Community Festival at Long Lane JFC. It was attended by about 80 player and we competed in three divisions: Premiership championship and League. As usual it was a marvelous day, really competitive but full of Fairplay and Respect.

Jack Petchey Crystal Awards

On Friday October 2nd 2015 Kieran Gibbons attended The Jack Petchey Crystal Award ceremony at City Hall on behalf of South London Special League. October2015AchieversGraduation103of116_1-2October2015AchieversGraduation104of116_1

We received an award worth £1500!

Summer Party

On July 14th we celebrated our Jack Petchey Achievement Awards with a wonderful summer party, a raffle, food and dancing to the Los Dawsons after the presentations.

JPF Achievement Awards were awarded to…

Brandon Lee-West


Charlie Roberts.


Max Mee:


Trevanie Blake from Drumbeat School.  JPS Achievement Award winner (also great on the drums!)


The JPF Leadership Award was presented to Doug Minde:


Our new President, Mick Hayes presented all the Awards.


We also presented Nick Raynsford with a Collage photo and a piece of Glassware to thank him for his contribution to SLSL over the years as a trustee while he was an MP. His wife Alison also attended. (9013, 9035.)

Finally we were delighted to present Mick Hayes with an SLSL medal, thanking him for his dedication to us during his time as Mayor of Royal Greenwich when he chose SLSL as his Charity of the Year. This is a small offering to represent his position as President of SLSL.

Take a look at the photos in the gallery.  It was a marvelous evening and thank-you to everybody for attending and helping to make it that!


Asa Hems

Powerchairs / Sports Camp. We have seen Asa grow from a boy into a young man, always with a smile on his face and always looking to help others by giving them instruction and supporting them with the rules of the sport.

Charlie Roberts

SLSL Photo: Warren King Photography

Above: This is JPF Achievement Award winner for SLSL, Charlie Roberts – Glebe School. He was told as a child that he would never walk and never be able to play football, however against all odds he is doing both and playing as goalkeeper in his school team, attending our events on a monthly bases. He has improved so much as both a player and a young person, and blossoms in everything we see him do.

Below:The award is being presented by Rhea Daley, Development officer for SLSL

Charlie Roberts

Arundel Camping Trip…

Thanks to the small grant from Jack Petchey Foundation in recognition Of the Leadership Award gained by Santha Patel from William Morris School, she took a group from her school to Arundel castle cricket Centre and surrounds. They had a wonderful time!

Jack Petchey  Achievement Awards for March

Max Mee, Independent, A League of Their own – Increase in confidence and self-esteem to meet new people and play different sports.

Archie Jones, Powerchair Football – Increased Knowledge of the game, is more in control with his actions when something doesn’t go as planned and increased communication skills with the other players.

Feyikewa Oguntola, Plumstead Manor – Always trying her best in training and asking question if unsure with something. Supportive and friendly with all members of the group.

Max Mee

Max Mee

What a wonderful photo above! This is Max Mee receiving his Jack Petchey Achievement Award  from Mick Hayes, the Mayor of RBG and the Mayoress, Gill Hayes, on behalf of SLSL on Thursday 26th March.

(Max Mee – Independent – A League of Their own – Increase in confidence and self- esteem to meet new people and play different sports)

This was the same day SLSL received the FA Charter Standard presented to the Mayor on our behalf by David James, Development Manager for London FA.

Adult League

Ben Ferriera –  16 years old Ben plays in A League of Their Own (Adult League). He is from Bridge  School in Islington. He has won his award for his Noticeable Increase in Confidence,  his Knowledge of the Game and his  Fair Play Attitude.  He Supports his team mates and ensures they are okay throughout the game, helping with any need they may have.

Nathan Pillar – 21 years old. Independent player in A League of Their Own. He has shown an Increase in Confidence and Self Esteem, enabling him to play with different teams, make new friends and reflecting sportsmanship when he is playing.

Our two Jack Petchey winners for last month were Liam for hard work and determination to learn and improve during his work experience. And Trevanie Blake for continuous fair play and sportsmanship throughout all ‘A League Of Their Own’ events. Pictures to follow shortly…


Mayor with David Gale

Above. Mayor with David Gale from Greenwich Powerchair F.C.

At our Christmas party on December 9th at Long Lane JFC The Mayor of Royal Greenwich presented Jack Petchey awards To our young winners. He has been committed to the club for 3 years, since he was 8! Now he is a valuable member of the Club.


Above. Mayor of Royal Greenwich  presents Hollie Sayles with an Achievement Award for her  great input into our women’s team, the South London Terriers.


Above. The Mayor Presenting Kieron Gibbons of Greenwich Powerchair Football Club with his Jack Petchey Achievement award for  his commitment to the team and his great goal-keeping.

Mayor with Richard Nash from Avenues

Above. The Mayor with Richard Nash whose enthusiasm for his team and for South London Special League is huge! This summer he played in our match against the House of Commons Team.

Santha Patel

Above.  Santha Patel from William Morris school who gained her Jack Petchey Leadership award for her untiring support she gives to her students by ensuring they are able to take advantage of all the opportunities that SLSL can provide. She also gives time as a volunteer in her spare time.

Lisa Cawsey

Above.  A photo of Lisa Cawsey from Woodside School who received the JPF Leadership Award for her continual support for SLSL, ensuring her students are able to benefit fully from the opportunities we offer.

Josh Owen & Alan Marr

Above. Josh Owen and Alan Marr (left) who gained JPF Achievement Awards. They are both from Matjorie McClure School, Chislehurst.

Below. Sharon with Councillor Mick Hayes, the Mayor of Royal Greenwich and his wife, the Mayoress, Gill Hayes.

Sharon with Mayor and Mayoress

Thursday July 3rd, SLSL celebrated our 10th Anniversary and Jack Petchey Achievement Awards with party at Long Lane Junior Football Club.Dean Milton from the Jack Petchey Foundation and the Mayor of Royal Greenwich, Mick Hayes presented the awards.

We celebrated with barbecue and a show performed by one of our adult football teams, Neighborhood Express. Councillor Mick Hayes has been a great supporter of ours. This year he has chosen SLSL to be The Mayor’s Charity of the year.

His first visit last summer as he went about his deputy Mayoral business was our festival after the tragic murder of Gunner Colin Rigby, when we had such a moving event with the support of ll our young people.

I am over the moon that The Mayor Of Royal Greenwich, councilor Mick Hayes  has chosen the South London Special League to be his charity to support.

Below. Mayor and Dean Milton and two achievement award winners, Jack Gillham and Taylor Smikle-Isaac, both from Charlton Park Academy.

Mayor and Dean Milton

What a perfect year for this to happen!  We are celebrating 10 years since we officially launched the project at London Marathon Playing Fields, Greenwich.

In that time we have empowered hundreds of disabled young people and adults through football and more lately other sports such as tag rugby and Tennis..

Sport  is a our key to improving the health and well-being of people previously marginalised and excluded from regular competitive sport.

SLSL Football will always be our bread and butter, but over the years and especially since 2012 Olympics and Paralympics we have diversified,  offering other sports , including archery, tennis, cricket, tag rugby, never losing sight of the need for  excellent organisation and delivery.  This year our Powerchair Football club (Greenwich PFC) has received the FA Charter Standard,!

At SLSL everybody involved can only feel inspired by the value of sport on people’s lives.  To be chosen as the Charity of the Year is also truly inspirational!

JPF Achievement Party Click to see pictures

Our awards were presented this year by Dean Milton from the Jack Petchey Foundation and Mick Hayes, Mayor of Royal Greenwich, who was accompanied by his wife the mayoress, Gill Hayes.
This was really special for us as the recently inaugurated mayor chose SLSL as his charity of the year. Last summer as Deputy Mayor, he visited our annual festival the day after the cruel murder of Gunner Lee Rigby, just down the road from us in Woolwich. He was so overwhelmed to see our event, where all the different young members of the community were playing happily together, reflecting fair pay and friendship at all levels of the game. He says that he realised at hat moment the value of our organisation, and was determined to support us as much as he could.

Names of the Jack Petchey Achievement award winners are in front of their photos. Connor’s Teacher, Lisa Cawsey took the award on his behalf. Lisa was also the recipient of our Jack Petchey Leadership Award for her support over the years of South London Special League, and her tireless work to include her students as much as possible. Her school, Woodside, from Bexleyheath were this year’s Fairplay School of the year.

Our other JPF Leadership award this summer was Santha Patel who has always gone out of her way to support us and doing so improves the opportunities for the students in her school.

We also warded members of Greenwich Powerchair football with medals for their huge success in the Regional Wheelchair Football association league this year.  They are a true success story. Members who attended and received awards were Kyle Alexander (captain) Shea French-Gibbens and Kieran Gibbons.

Paul Elliott
Above. Paul Elliott CBE receives Jack Petchey Leadership Award at South London Special League summer festival from Lord Pendry from The football Foundation. This was for all his support over the past ten years. Lord Pendry launched the SLSL ten years ago at the Special European Championships 2004 with Sir Trevor Brooking! He came to join us to celebrate 10 years success!
Gifty Ocansey
Above. Coach, Rhea MacKennon with JPF Achievement award winner Gifty Ocansey.
Taylor Smikle-Isaacs and Mick Hayes

Taylor Smikle-Isaacs and Mick Hayes

Jack Gilham and Mick Hayes

Jack Gilham and Mick Hayes

The Specialist Sports Camp Team

The Specialist Sports Camp Team

Above: The Specialist sports Camp that we delivered in the Easter Holidays 7th-10th April was extremely successful. The deputy Mayor of Royal Greenwich, Mick Hayes, attended.  He thoroughly enjoyed watching the activities in full swing. He presented all the young people with certificates and medals. He also presented two of our young sports people with Jack Petchey Achievement Awards for their special contribution.

Below: Philip Best from Glebe School, Achievement Award winner with coach Wayne Blake and Rhea MacKennon, development officer.



February 2014 Jack Petchey awards go to…

  • Bailey Walker: (Charlton Park Academy) For excellent progress in tennis.
  • Connor Kelly: (Woodside School, Bexley) For his great attitude when he plays football.

January 2014

  • Bailey Walker: For a great attitude and good skill acquisition in tennis.
  • Connor Kelly: Outstanding all rounder!
  • Philip Best:  Glebe school  (West Wickham). Philip is always very friendly. He is committed to being part of the team playing football and loves to help.
  • Sammy Tchangoan: (Charlton Park Academy). Sammy is really enthusiastic. He gets involved and tries his best. He thoroughly enjoys playing short tennis. He is passionate about sport.

Leadership Awards
The picture below shows Sharon awarding a Jack Petchey Leader Award to both Nick Raynsford MP who is a trustee to the South London Special League and for his enthusiastic support since 2000 which was right at the start of The Special League and another to Steve Johnson who is a Development Officer for the South London Special League for his commitment and support.

Jack Petchy Nov 2013

Christmas Achievement Party

On December 11th we held our annual Christmas Achievement Party at Long Lane Junior Football Club. This year Dean Milton from The Jack Petchey Foundation joined us and presented the JPF Achievement Awards. The Mayor of Greenwich, David Grant, also came to for the celebration. Some of the members and award winners were not able to, make it. The weather was really cold!

The three achievement awards that I have attached are:


1) Aaron French Gibbens. He did a sky dive to raise funds for Greenwich Powerchair Football Club. His brother, Shea is a very competent powerchair football player.


2) Kyle Alexander, Kyle is a sensational powerchair footballer. He was the star on Blue Peter when they came to film us.

slsl_111212_033) Sophie Hobbs: Sophie has now graduated ti the South London Terriers. She never misses training and is a real asset to the team.

The Royal Festival Hall

Our Award ceremony at The Royal Festival Hall, when we received our cartoon cheque for £142, 774 presented by Paralympic gold medalist Johnny Peacock


The Long Lane Terriers

Sponsored by Long Lane Junior Football Club, the Long Lane Terriers received Charter Standard last year for best female Charter Standard club in London.  They are currently playing in a pan London league for similar player and are winning this league at the moment.

It was brilliant that Dean was able to represent Jack Petchey. I hope he enjoyed himself!

1) Aaron French Gibbens. Who did a sky dive to raise funds for Greenwich Powerchair Football Club. His brother, Shea is a very competent powerchair football player.

2) Kyle Alexander. Kyle is a sensational powerchair footballer. He was the star on Blue Peter when they came to film us.

3) Sophie Hobbs. Sophie has now graduated ti the South London Terriers. She never misses training and is a real asset to the team

See the Christmas Achievement Awards party photo gallery

Special League gets the Thumbs Up from Jack Petchey Foundation!

Dear Sharon,

Achievement Award Scheme Visit – Follow Up

Thank you for welcoming me to South London Special League on 10 Sept 2010.

The meeting provided a good opportunity to discuss how the Achievement Award scheme has been running at the South London Special League since it was launched in March 2008. It was good to hear that your leagues continue to be very well attended and of your policy to never turn anyone away.

I was delighted to hear how popular the Jack Petchey Achievement scheme continues to be and to see how well the scheme is run under your supervision. In fact it is run so well that the only action point we had was for Olwyne’s application for the small grants fund to be re-submitted in this round with the correct total cost of the referee’s kit.

I was pleased to hear that the South London Special League has continued to go from strength to strength and to hear more about your expansion into table top cricket.

I was particularly impressed with the page that you have dedicated to the Jack Petchey Awards within your brochure – Well done!

All that remains is for me to wish you the very best for the forthcoming season and to thank you and your team for your efforts with running the scheme.

If you have any questions about my comments, please do not hesitate to contact me. We are always happy to receive feedback from the organisations we work with, to help us to improve and develop our programmes.

Yours sincerely,

Ms Jane Evans
Grants Officer

Leadership Award 2010

Wayne Blake

Jack Petchey Leadership award received by Wayne Blake at the Special World Cup on the 27 March 2010 from Jane Evans from the Jack Petchey Foundation. With Nick Raysford MP.

South London Special League winners Autumn term 2009

September Jamie Browne (St Giles School Croydon)
October:Louis Marquis (Highshore School)
November:Archie Loyd (Riverside School, Bromley)
South London Terriers winner: Genye McDonald
Greenwich Wanderers winner: Georgina Mossom (Charlton School)

All the awards were presented at the SLSL Christmas Party
at Charlton Athletic FC Millennium Lounge by Nick Raynsford MP

Archive Award Winners


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