South London Special League

Registered Charity Number 1124629

Jack Petchey Awards


Asa Hems (above). January 2022

Since returning Asa’s confident has increase, both in and out of the sessions. He gives continuous encouraging support to all users with good communication skills. His Grow in self-confidence and independence; now traveling to and from sessions independently and increasing his social life with other users.

Mahin Kashim (above). February 2022

Mahin has attending all of our events this season; he can be a quick and shy character, however with a warm and caring personality. He always tries his and supports his teammates where possible. His teacher says ‘He makes a big different to the team.’

Louie Moore,18 (above). March 2022

Louie attends week in week out rarely missing a session. His pantonality, polite and give off a positive vibe to the over users. Always wanting to win and do his best.

Danny Studd, 25 (above). April 2022

We welcomed Danny to South London Special League shortly before the Covid pandemic when he was taken on by a local family to support him with living independently, hygiene, nutrition and day to day life. Danny has grown in confidence throughout and has very proudly and well deservingly been excepted his first home.

Nathan Wells, 22 (above). May 2022

Nathan has a very happy and bubbly personality. Although he struggles with learning disabilities, he always wanting to try his best and do right for his team. Always coming straight in to say hello, and ask how you are. He recently started taking more care in his appearance and is a credit the us.

Jack Gilham, 24 (above). June 2022

Jack is a very kind and caring individual who loves to share things with you using his tablet to communicate. He thoroughly enjoys attending the tennis sessions, showing good concentration skills and following instructions very well. You know when he is enjoying himself as he adds a slight bounce to his movement and lets out a loving little laugh sound. He loves to show what he can do and to work with others.

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