South London Special League

Registered Charity Number 1124629

We Need Your Support!

Dear Potential sponsor,
We are a small local charity that is extremely successful in empowering disabled and disadvantaged people young and old through sport. After 17 years it is not hard to see the difference that SLSL has made to the lives of our players, getting active, building self-esteem and making new friends. Our strap line is Such Fun! And it certainly is that! We rely on Grants and donations. That is where you can help…

Any donation is gratefully received and in return we delight in making you welcome at any event you choose to support.  In our newsletter we will ensure you are kept up to date with all our news and events.

It may be that you prefer to sponsor an event for us. This would be a great way to advertise the excellent work you do in the community and it is a fabulous benefit to us.

1. £500: Small league tournament

2. £800: Large league tournament

3. £1,400: Small football festival

4. £2500: Large annual festival

5. £2500: Weekly football training at Long Lane. This is a fantastic session for  90 minutes a week on Fridays, for 45 weeks in the year.

6. £500-£800: Kit for teams. With numbers, name of team  and sponsors name.

7. £500 – £1000 per year: Sponsor the minibus.

8. Sponsorship for Greenwich Powerchair Football Club. A new Powerchair costs up to £7,500 but any amount will keep the club running. 

9. Help the tennis club: Any donation or your time is welcome. We meet once a week for 40 weeks a year at present in Greenwich Park.

There are lots of other ways to support SLSL:Marketing, mini-bus driving or just helping…

I look forward to hearing from you,

All the best,

Sharon Brokenshire MBE
Director, South London Special League.

PS: You can understand why this pandemic has been so disastrous for our players. They are the most vulnerable people in the community. They have lived totally isolated and lonely lives, with no opportunities to socialise. It is much worse for a disabled person who relies on things that just were just impossible in lockdown. Disability and poverty go hand in hand. It is now our aim to slowly help our players return to the opportunities offered by SLSL .

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