South London Special League

Registered Charity Number 1124629

One Game one Community Festival

Above: Championship winners: Bexley Lions

On Thursday October 17th we held our annual One Game One Community Festival at Long Lane JFC. Happily, the event was sponsored by Canary Wharf Constructors Fund. Many thanks to them for making this event possible.

Above: Premiership Winners:  Waltham Forest

On this occasion the tournament was attended by Matthew Trainer, the CEO of Oxleas NHS Trust. He was very excited by our achievements and felt it was exactly the sort of event that Oxleas NHS Trust should be supporting. This was a really exceptional day with more competitors than ever attending.

Our adult League: A League of Their Own, has an incredible effect on the health and well being of our players, they feel they are able to compete effectively, make good friends and have fun. They are safe, in a space where all their individual needs are cared for. Talking to some of them, they agreed that playing football in A league of Their Own has made a significant positive improvement to their lives. It is the highlight of their calendar. That is something very special!

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