South London Special League

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Jack Petchey award winners

Above. Julius Tommy, aged 17. Recipient of the Jack Petchey Award for April 2018

Julius is a wonderful addition to the Priory team. He is a great communicator and loves supporting the others. He is wherever he is needed, and a great advocate of fair play!


Above. Barrington receiving his Jack Petchey Achiever award for March 2018.

Barrington Howden was a Jack Petchey Achiever for March 2018. He plays in the Under 14 team from Conisborough College.

He has received this award for his outstanding contribution to the team and his commitment to upholding high standards. He demonstrates leadership and resilience as he has been through a lot lately but is a real credit to the School.


Above. Brandon Williams, part of Brent-Knoll Under 14 team. Recipient of the Jack Petchey Achievement Award for February 2018.

Brandon is 13 years old and is a great player who leads the team to success. He is a prolific goal-scorer. Brandon always supports the younger and less able members of the team.


Above. Tyrese is 13 years old and goes to Drumbeat school. He is the recipient of the Jack Petchey Achievement Award for January 2018

Tyrese joined Football club at Drumbeat school in January 17. Since then Tyrese has improved massively by showing great commitment and hard work during the weekly training sessions at school. Tyrese has always showed great leadership, and great support with his team mates and opponent during training and matches at different football tournaments. During the weekly football session in school Tyrese is ready to offer guidance and support especially for the students from Primary that they recently joined the team.

Also at matches Tyrese always demonstrated to be a great sportsmanship. Being friendly and respectful with other team and graciousness in winning or losing.

I believe for those different reason that Tyrese is a great candidate for the Jack Petchey award January 2018.


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