South London Special League

Registered Charity Number 1124629

Jack Petchey Achievement Awards

George Harknett is a pupil at Brent Knoll School. George loves attending the Special League football and it has had a marked impact on George. George has gained a great deal of confidence since he started playing and has become much more of a team player, not only on the pitch but in the classroom as well. He is always keen to help his class and teammates with any problems. His class and team mates really appreciate George as he is always there for them.

Aaliyah Allen – 12 yr old from Elm Court School in Brixton. Aaliyah struggles to stay focused in day to day life. Attending the special league has helped her focus as the league has helped her work on her discipline and stay focused on tasks. She has become more aware of her school mates and team mates and has developed into a real team player. It has helped her with focusing on her school work. She absolutely loves attending the special league football and being part of has made a real positive impact on her life.


One comment on “Jack Petchey Achievement Awards

  1. Ann-Marite

    Excellent! Keep up the good work George and Aaliyah!

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