South London Special League

Registered Charity Number 1124629

Donation from Santander Foundation


January 2016

The donation was provided by the Santander Foundation which offers grants to UK registered charities for projects that help disadvantaged people in local communities.

South London Special League has received £2000 from Santander to fund the development of our highly successful adult football league for (16 +), A League Of Their Own. This grant will allow a development officer to lead the project for 10 sessions a year at £800. It will fund use of facilities for 10 sessions at £1000. in addition it will pay for medals and trophies over the year at £200. The project is designed to address the needs of disabled adults within our community whatever their ethnicity, religion or gender. We aim to address the lack of provision and opportunities for disabled people at the grassroots level within our local community.

Sharon Brokenshire MBE, director of South London Special League [Charity name] said: “……[“ this will be a fantastic bost to our highly successful Football league for disabled people to help secure its sustainability.

Shelley Gooding at Santander’s Welling branch said: The Santander Foundation makes hundreds of donations every year to good causes throughout the UK. Our branch is committed to playing a key part in the community and we are delighted to be supporting South London Special League and hope the donation makes a real difference to local people.”

Note to Editors

In 2014 the Santander Foundation donated £5 million to charities across the UK.

The South London Special League (SLSL) is a unique award-winning registered charity that provides opportunities for disabled people to enhance their health and wellbeing and improve their lives through sport. By achieving this, disabled people are able to increase their opportunities to meet new friends, socialize, gain new experiences, improve their self esteem and lead a healthy lifestyle by increasing their level of physical activity. It is also a major part of the project to raise awareness about healthy living, providing advice, training and guidance on what constitutes a healthy diet and delivering regular health checks and training workshops such as smoking cessation etc.

We focus ultimately on helping disabled people to have fun and enhance their dignity.

About Santander

The Santander Foundation provides grants to UK registered charities that help disadvantaged people in communities where Santander has a presence. The Community Plus fund provides donations of up to £5,000 to small, local charities nominated by customers, staff and the charities themselves. Our Central Grants programme has grants of up to £10,000 available for education, training and financial capability projects. In 2014, £5 million was donated by the Santander Foundation to charities across the UK.  For more information please visit:

Santander UK is a financial services provider in the UK that offers a wide range of personal and commercial financial products and services. It has brought real competition to the UK, through its 1|2|3 products for retail customers and relationship banking model for UK SMEs.   As at 31 December 2014, Santander UK was the most switched to bank, attracting 1 in 4 new retail customers.   The bank serves more than 14 million active customers with c. 20,000 employees and operates through 921 branches and 66 regional Corporate Business Centres. Santander UK is subject to the full supervision of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) in the UK. Santander UK plc customers are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) in the UK.


One comment on “Donation from Santander Foundation

  1. Ann-Marie

    This is good news. Well done to everyone involved.

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