South London Special League

Registered Charity Number 1124629

Greenwich PowerChair Football Club

Photos from South East England Powerchair Football League Tournament on Sunday 10th January at Surrey University.

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Team Members: Kyle Alexander (Team Captain); Shea French-Gibbens; Kieron Gibbons; Emily Cmpbell; Archie Jones.

Sunday 10th of January 2016: Surrey University.

Greenwich PowerChair football club played their first game in the new year against Evergreen. Greenwich PowerChair FC was playing great football and working collectively as a team. Evergreen took the lead first winning 1-0. Two minutes later Greenwich PowerChair FC took possession of the match passing the ball effectively to allow Kyle Alexander to score. The score was level and finished at 1-1 the match showed that the  players hard work from training is paying off.

The second game was against Brighton and was nothing like the first game. Some of the players were starting to feel tired. Brighton had a very strong individual in the middle, blocking any shots Greenwich had and attacking quickly putting pressure on the defence. Towards the end of the first half Greenwich started to slow down and Brighton begin to attack. They scored 4 goals but really should have been given just 3 goals due to a Brighton player hitting Greenwich chair at the side., causing the chair to freeze. The game ended 4-0 Brighton. This is our firts defeat in our new division.  So, well done Greenwich!

Report by Jesica Landeryou, Coach.


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