South London Special League

Registered Charity Number 1124629

Let Us Play

The Naborhood Xpress was formed in the summer of 2002. Back then barring the weekly local kick about in the park, or the odd organised friendly, there wasn’t really anywhere for Xpress to apply their trade and show their skills.

Then around Easter 2005 they learnt that the newly formed South London Special League were looking for teams who would be interested in joining their league. The SLSL was formed by Miss Sharon Brokenshire MBE, who to this day continues to give support and encouragement to the Xpress whenever possible.
Upon hearing that some of the players were seasoned actors who could also sing and dance, Miss Brokenshire approached the team with the idea of a football themed show, to be performed at the Long Lane Junior FC.
Along with the first of many trophies LET US PLAY was born and the rest, as they say…
Naborhood Express1 Naborhood Express2 Naborhood Express3

The Naborhood Express performed a show for us at the SLSL Achievement Award party in Partnership with Jack Petchey Foundation. They are based in Sydenham, and have been involved with SLSL from its early days.



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